Covid-19 Policy | Music Studio In Nottingham | The Elementz Studio
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Covid-19 Policy

We have worked in full accordance with Government guidelines & Government approved secure guidance from the Music Producers Guild to ensure The Elementz Productions Ltd is a Covid Secure business. The health of our clients and staff is of the highest priority to us. If you have any questions relating to our policy please email

  1. Clients must wear masks at all times other than when using the vocal booth.
  2. If clients are feeling unwell on the day of the session, or are exhibiting any signs associated with COVID-19, they should not attend the session and contact  immediately.
  3. Only one person should use the corridor to and from the control room, live room or booth at any given time.
  4. No food or beverages will be prepared or offered on site to avoid contamination.
  5. Hand sanitising points will be set up at the entrance (Mezzanine floor) and in studio control room with clear signage encouraging their use upon entry and exit.
  6. Staff will wipe down any surfaces/touch points with anti-bacterial spray after every session.
  7. No guests are allowed to attend any sessions other than for professional purposes (Management, Label) full names must be given prior to session. 2 Artists and 1 Engineer allowed in the control room at any time, and 1 Artist in the booth.
  8. Chairs have been removed from the control room to maintain safe social distancing. Artists to remain seated as much as possible without obstructing their work in the designated seating area. Safe distancing in the seating area has been marked clearly on the floor with yellow tape.
  9. All none fire doors will be kept open wherever possible to encourage ventilation.
  10. By law, all attendees names and contact details must be provided before the session. Only those names provided will be allowed access to the building. The Elementz Productions Ltd reserve the right to decline entry for any persons they feel are unnecessary to the session / who haven’t provided with a name prior to the session. Non-essential parties to join via Skype/Zoom. By Law, we must keep these records for 21 Days and if requested, must be shared with NHS Trace and Test.
  11. All staff will be briefed thoroughly on hygiene and cleanliness and the increased need to uphold this throughout the studios and in communal areas. Engineers and assistants to commit to washing their hands at regular intervals, particularly when entering, or re-entering buildings.
  12. Anti-bacterial wipes to be available in communal areas and in studios for wiping down of touch points/door handles/light switches before use and at regular intervals.
  13. All staff members to adhere to the government guidelines of isolating themselves for 7 days if they are experiencing a fever or cough, and to inform us immediately if this occurs. Any artist or client displaying symptoms to refrain from visiting the studio.
  14. All persons attending the studio including staff are encouraged to download the NHS Test & Trace app and scan the QR code found at the bottom of the stairs upon arrival.